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Healing starts in your head!

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About me

Cristina Varga

Access Bars® Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist

My philosophy is rooted in the belief that the body possesses an intrinsic ability to heal itself under the right conditions. With a holistic approach, I engage with each client to tailor a therapy plan that best addresses their needs—whether through a single method or a synergistic combination.

The Studio's mission

The body's healing system is absolutely fantastic and, if given the chance, it can perform "miracles"!

CmV Studio aims to reduce the negative effects of our busy modern life (such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, depressive episodes, etc) through our practices.

The body's own super inner doctor can be activated with careful and precise procedures. 

We invite you to experience relaxation and wellbeing!

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Are you not sure where to start?

Let's connect and delve into what led you to seek support, whether it's a curiosity about alternative healing practices or a desire to overcome obstacles hindering your personal growth.

Our consultation is designed to create a sacred space where mind, body, and spirit unite in harmony. As a holistic healer, I am committed to understanding and addressing your unique needs, fostering a deep sense of balance and vitality.

Together, we embark on a transformative voyage to create lasting harmony and vitality in every dimension of your life.

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