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A bit about me

I  became a licensed massage therapist in 2015 in my home country, Romania. 

With a passion for anatomy, how the body works, and how energy flows, it was quite easy to continue my education in complementary therapies. 

And, after many years of internal conflict regarding my path in life and career, struggling to choose between the corporate life and helping people for a living, I chose to follow my heart.

Not long after, CmV Studio was born.

plant with purple leaves.

My Approach

I firmly believe that our bodies can heal themselves from most ailments, if given the chance and the proper conditions. The Traditional Chinese Medicine continue to prove that since approx. 221 BC.

And, when in doubt, get Mother Nature involved. Make use of the herbs, the essential oils, go out for a walk in the sunshine. 

So my approach is to apply simple yet profoundly beneficial procedures on the body to help it kick-start its inner healing process.

an image with a massage bed

About our location

The Parkstone Chiropractic Clinic is not your traditional clinic.

Here, you can find a well-balanced selection of specialists that can address a wide range of afflictions and issues, such as:

- Bowen technique therapists

- chiropractors

- acupuncturists

- podiatrists


massage therapists

- GP's

- dieticians

- wax therapists

- ear wax removal specialists

- cosmetic tattooists

We, the practitioners, would like to welcome you to our comfortable "home" - our main goal is to offer you the support you require to achieve and maintain a balanced state of health and wellbeing.

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