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Let's get real for a second

Mental health struggles
Mental health struggles

This post comes from a place of vulnerability. I am not at my best these days. I am a work in progress, and that's okay!

Regardless of what people might think about us, healers, we too have bad days and struggle with the same issues all humans do.

These days, I'm uncovering deep wounds that have not healed properly and that are now affecting my life.

You all know this, healing comes in waves and it's a never ending process. It's like peeling an onion. Every layer makes you cry, some more than others. Some hurt like hell, some others are just fillings.

And now, after all the books I've read, all the videos I've seen, all the knowledge that I've absorbed with great thirst from my mentors and friends, I can honestly say that it complicates things even more. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Ha, I wish that was a lie.... Yes, knowing more sometimes feels like knowing less when it comes to your own healing. Especially when you're doing this on your own.

In my opinion, healing takes time. No matter what technique one uses, it takes time, patience and... kindness to oneself. Yes, some techniques make it easier than others, and not all resonate with all people, but that's the beauty of working with energy, isn't it?

Variety, in this case, was born out of what I believe it to be sort of necessity. To ensure that as many people as possible will find the right technique for them and work towards the best version of themselves.

We are fortunate to be able to choose between Theta Healing, the Emotions Code, Constellations, Reiki, Bowen, conventional therapy, Access Bars, witchcraft, and so many others. Some might choose to go to the gym to deal with their issues and thoughts. This is especially true for men, and it's such a shame, because we all deserve to show our emotions, to feel what we need to feel and to have a safe support system for us to rely on.

This post has been a rant so far, and it will continue to be a rant. You have been warned :)

We should all be able to feel safe to ask for help.

We should all be able to rely on a "village" of support.

We should all be able to express our emotions without society looking down on us.

We should all be able to heal what we need to heal, forgive and be forgiven, give and receive unconditional love and be connected to all that is.

Whether your faith lies in God, the Creator of all that is, Odin, Allah, or allopathic medicine, it doesn't matter to me personally. I respect everyone's faiths and beliefs as, from my point of view, they are the same: the Source of it all.

This brings me to the next point: how I understand all healing techniques work. They all work with energy. They exchange energy and help us, healers, do our "magic". We, healers, are not really healing per say, we are just channels for energy, people that have the tools to give our clients and patients what they require: the force to become better. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

So... in conclusion, you do you! Choose whatever method works for you but do it! Just do it! Ask for the help, ask for the support, there is no shame in it. It shows strength and willingness to live life to the fullest.

Rant over, until next time. Be safe, be kind and love unconditionally.


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