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Positive affirmations

I always knew and heard of positive affirmations, however it’s really hard to actually put in practice when your mind is drowning in itself, in depression and anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Add to that a lack of understanding that what you are actually feeling IS depression and anxiety and intrusive thoughts and it’s the perfect recipe for disaster and sleepless nights.

So what can one do in this situation? One can only wish to change! Really, really want it to one’s core!

Be so sick and tired of your own misery, day-dreaming about a better tomorrow, about a better future, wishing for some peace and quiet in your life. That’s all it takes!

That was me around 9-10 years ago. I was open to almost anything that could improve my life and make myself better, but without me having to magically create money I didn’t have.

I was lucky. I got to learn about the human mind and how energy flows for free. I was (and still am!) extremely lucky.

I started to understand how we are made of water, and that water has memory, and that our own mind is, most times, our worst enemy. I know, you’re reading and you’re thinking to yourself: “this woman has lost the plot for good”.

Hear me out just for a few more minutes, I promise it’s worth it!

Did you know that your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from harm no matter what, even if this protection means to keep you in your own loop of misery?

That loop is called a comfort zone - that comfort zone, albeit destructive for you and your future, is, in fact, the “known” of your mind. Your mind knows how to navigate the waters of your depression, or anxiety, or whatever else you are experiencing in a loop. For this loop, your mind has created coping mechanisms, behavioral patterns and so on, to keep you alive!

And that is why positive affirmations seem utter nonsense for the ones that just start this journey. For some, it never works. For others it does in a magical way! For a third group of people it might take a while before anything happens.

Regardless of your rhythm of change, if change starts to happen, you will wake up one morning, look yourself in the mirror and, whilst you’re brushing your teeth, you will see a different light in your eyes. Just a tiny little spark there. And you will pay attention to how you feel - you’ll feel better, lighter, more positive. Waking up to go about your normal routine won’t seem such a hassle like it did a week ago. Mondays will not look so grim from a Sunday afternoon. You will BE better!!

But, as I said before, change might not happen overnight. So don’t give up. Keep pushing through the walls! Keep being curious about what makes you you right now! Read, watch videos, talk to other people. Open up your heart, open up your mind to finding out who you are! With all the blockages, all the trauma, coping mechanisms, fears and uncertainties - just push through, feed your curious mind and keep on going.

One day those affirmations that everyone is throwing everywhere around you on social media… one day they will work - you will believe them to your core. You will be able to feel every single intention you are launching into the great Universe!

Give it time, don’t give up and trust the process!

With love and gratitude,




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